Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Clarinet Étude Books

Happy Friday!

The clarinet is lucky to have such an abundance of wonderful music, including countless étude books. Many of these études are so great that they’re even performed as concert pieces and in recitals!

Here are a few of my favorite clarinet étude books (listed in no particular order):

  • Cyrille Rose 32 Études
  • Béla Kovács Hommages
  • Ernesto Cavallini 30 Caprices
  • Johann Müller 22 Clarinet Études
  • Paul JeanJean 18 Études for the Clarinet
  • Victor Polatschek 12 Études for Clarinet
  • Eugène Bozza 11 Études Sur Des Modes Karnatiques 
  • Eugène Bozza14 Études de Mecanisme
  • Marco Bordogni Melodious Études for Clarinet
  • Jacques Lancelot 25 Études Faciles et Progressives
  • Aurelio Magnani 10 Études-Caprices de Grande Difficult

What are your favorite clarinet études? Leave a comment below!

Happy practicing!

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