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Friday Favorites: Clarinet Method Books

Happy Friday!

You can’t beat method books. These all-in-one resources usually contain most everything you need, from technical exercises, lyrical studies, and other fundamental resources. There are a plethora of clarinet methods out there, and here are a few of my favorite. (Note that some of these might currently be out of print.)

  • Hyacinthe Klosé Celebrated Method for the Clarinet
  • Leon Russianoff Clarinet Method
  • Rubank Method for Clarinet (I use this with many of my students!)
  • Henry Lazarus Method for Clarinet
  • Carl Baermann Complete Method for Clarinet
  • Gustave Langenus Complete Method for the Clarinet
  • Alamiro Giampieri Progressive Method for Clarinet
  • Benny Goodman Clarinet Method
  • David Hite Melodious and Progressive Studies for Clarinet
  • Frederick Thurston The Clarinet: A Comprehensive Method

What method books do you use for you or your students? Leave a comment below!

Happy practicing!

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