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Quick Fix Friday: Ear-Training Tuning Tip

Happy Friday!

This week, I wanted to share a quick tip I’ve been using to improve both my tuning and ear-training.

A tuner is a helpful tool to have while practicing. However, sometimes musicians become too reliant on watching the tuner and reacting to what it says. Instead, use your tuner to help train your ears for good pitch/tuning and become a more active listener.

The quick fix:

Turn on your tuner and pick a note to tune. Close your eyes and sustain the note until you think you’re in tune. Open your eyes to see how close you were to being in tune. It’s that simple!

This ear-training will help you listen and adjust while practicing or playing with others in ensembles.

Avoid passively reacting to what the tuner is telling you – close your eyes to become a more active ear-training participant. Your tuning will thank you!

Happy practicing!

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