Virtual clarinet scavenger hunt

This blog post originally appeared as a digital clarinet studio lecture for the Iowa State University clarinetists.

Now that you’ve explored some diverse repertoire in our last virtual scavenger hunt, it’s time for another challenge. We’re going to broaden our focus to help you discover many things this week in the wonderful, wide world of clarinet. I would like for you to browse the internet to find the following people, places, and things (all new-to-you):

  • clarinetist
  • historical clarinetist
  • chamber ensemble with clarinet
  • clarinet brand and/or model
  • reed brand and/or cut
  • terrible stock photo of a clarinetist
  • clarinet website, blog, forum, or newsletter
  • book about the clarinet
  • clarinet method, étude, scale, or other fundamental book
  • piece of clothing with a clarinet-related design or statement
  • most unusual clarinet craft (clarinet lamps are just the beginning!)
  • read, listen to, or watch an interview with a clarinetist

Feel free to get creative and add your own items to this list. I encourage you to explore this rabbit hole and rekindle your fascination and appreciation for our favorite instrument as you broaden the scope of your musical horizons!

Leave a comment with the most interesting thing that you find!


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