The Clarinet ABC Game

Are you bored, looking to pass some time during a long road trip, or just looking for dorky clarinet games? Challenge your clarinet friends to a game of clarinet ABCs, where you take turns coming up with clarinet-related terms for every letter of the alphabet. There are infinite possibilities for every letter, so don’t be afraid to get academic, goofy, or crazy!

Here’s what I chose for my clarinet ABCs, using the first thing for each letter that popped into my head:

  • A – Albert system
  • B – Baermann (is anyone surprised?)
  • C – clarinet (duh)
  • D – Denner (as in Johann Denner, our instrument’s creator)
  • E – Evette & Schaeffer clarinets
  • F – fundamentals
  • G – glissando
  • H – half-holing
  • I – International Clarinet Association
  • J – Jeanjean Vade-mecum
  • K – Kroepsch
  • L – long tones
  • M – Mozart concerto
  • N – Nielsen concerto
  • O – Optimum ligature
  • P – Penzel Mueller clarinets
  • Q – Q series clarinets by Backun
  • R – reeds
  • S – slap tonguing
  • T – tonguing
  • U – Uebel clarinets
  • V – Vandoren
  • W – Wurlitzer clarinets
  • X – X-series ligatures by Rovner
  • Y – Yamaha
  • Z – Zonda reeds

What are some of the best items you came up with for each letter?


  • Marie Coulter

    Thanks! I never heard of Vincent Oneppo before I attended the International Clarinet Celebration in Portland, Oregon. Vincent Oneppo is a clarinetist and a saxophonist. He studied clarinet with Bernard Portnoy, Leon Russianoff, and Kalmen Opperman while a student at New York University, and with Keith Wilson at the Yale School of Music. The Uhl is just an etude book, but I never studied from the Uhl book.

  • Marie Coulter

    A Altissimo
    B Benny Goodman
    C Chalumeau
    D David Shifrin
    E Eddie Daniels
    F Fred Ormand
    G Gonzalez reeds
    H Half notes
    I Intermediate
    J Jean jean Advanced etudes
    K Ken Peplowski
    L Legato
    M McClune mouthpieces
    N Neck strap
    O Opperman
    P Practice routine
    Q Quarter notes, stuck on Q
    R Rose etude book
    S Stanley Drucker
    T Thomas Gilmore Masse
    U Uhl etude book
    V Vincent Oneppo
    W Wonkak Kim
    Y Yi He, Chinese American clarinettist
    Z Zinners as in mouthpiece crafting

  • Marilyn Fleming

    Audio Recorder
    Cork Grease
    Dynamic Range
    Gold keys
    Humidity pack
    Nickel Keys
    Quarter Note
    Tuning Rings
    Up beat
    Video Recorder
    Zwei Duets

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