30 More Famous French Clarinetists

Bonne fête nationale à tous mes amis français!

Last year, I created a list of 30 famous French clarinetists. To celebrate Bastille Day this year, I thought I would expand this list by adding 30 more famous French clarinetists.

Disclaimer: This list is not meant to be comprehensive, and I will continue adding to it to celebrate all of the incredible musicians throughout French clarinet history. I have also included some clarinetists on this list who were not French by birth but whose careers were developed or flourished in France. This list is arranged alphabetically.

  1. Franck Amet
  2. Sidney Bechet
  3. Jean-Francois Bescond
  4. Jessica Bessac
  5. Romy Bischoff
  6. Alexandre Chabod
  7. Joë Christophe
  8. Hugo Clédat
  9. Jérôme Comte
  10. Carlos Ferreira
  11. Sylvie Hue
  12. Ann Lepage
  13. Jacques Merrer
  14. Matteo Pastorino
  15. Vincent Penot
  16. Christelle Pochet
  17. Guy-Rousseau Renaud
  18. Jean-Louis René
  19. Carol Robinson
  20. Elodie Roudet
  21. Franck Russo
  22. Raphaël Sévère
  23. Laurent Sultan
  24. Aurélie Tropez
  25. Charles Turban
  26. Emilien Véret
  27. Amaury Viduvier
  28. Eva Villegas
  29. Jérôme Voisin
  30. Yom

Who are your favourite French clarinetists, and who should I include on Part III?

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